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Robin Sena

From: Witch Hunter Robin
Worn at: AWA 2004

    The coat was made straight from a pattern with no alterations save the pockets I added. I made it out of soft, medium-weight twill. The black overdress was mostly trial and error. I had a pattern for a corset that I altered and added a skirt to. I was lucky enough to find the material at a second hand store for next to nothing. I was worried about how I'd be able to make her dress since I couldn't find a pattern with a neck like that, but my lucky streak with this costume held over and I found a pattern at the same second-hand store. It needed changing in a few places, but it turned out well.

    The pendant was made for me by Fantasy Props. It really is the closest I've ever seen anyone come to the official design. The glasses were bought, then painted to match the coat. Unfortunately, they're strong reading glasses, so I had a little trouble getting around with them on. The boots, which I do not yet have a picture of, were also a thrift store find. I painted them and sealed them with clear coat. Finally, we come to the hair. Oi, it hurts to think about it. I made a brace out of heavy wire that I put in my pigtail, then I twisted my hair around that. The weight of my hair pushed the braces into my head all day and I had huge knots where they dug in that didn't go away for a few days. I have the supplies to make a wig for this if I could make myself do it. As usual, I also need better pictures.
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