Princess Serenity

From:Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Worn at: AWA 2004

Made this dress for the Rose Ball at AWA, which I didn't even get to go to. They had the dance pretty early in the night, and it was over before we even got there. However, now I get to conventions on time =P I really like this dress, but it's a bit too big for me. All the detailing at the top was done before I realized that it was going to fall off me. I wasn't about to mess up all that work, so I got bra inserts a bulked myself out until it kinda fit. I finally got clear straps to sew in just to make sure it didn't come tumbling down unexpectedly. The shoulder guard things she wears stumped me for a long time. I finally figured out how to make them work, but I didn't have the time to finish them up before the con. Still dunno how I'd make them stay on my arms though. I read that another person made her Serenity dress from stretch lycra. That'd be a pain on the top when sewing the gold trim on, but it'd be perfect for the skirts. I used thick bridal satin thinking I should use top quality stuff for this, but that was actually a bad idea. It didn't gather as well as I would have liked in the front and it doesn't lay like it does in the reference pictures. The cheap satin probably would have been better in this case. I'll take all that into account when I do my Neo Queen Serenity dress later on.
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